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We are a world-wide import export company

Svah Resources Inc. is a world wide import export Vancouver based company. Our unique business style is based on commitment to building face-to-face client relationships. Client satisfaction is our pride and the key to our success. With well established relationships in Canada, US, Kenya, Philippines, India & Brazil, Svah Resources Inc. provides prime quality service and products as well as best iron ore prices available on the worldwide market. All of our products are thoroughly tested in industry-standard facilities and certified by ACME Analytical Laboratories, SGS Testing, and other internationally recognized institutions around the world. As one of the top Canadian import export companies, Svah Resources Inc. differs from others by its innovative research style and rich resources across the globe. For this reason company’s iron ore prices, manganese, chromite ore, timber & lumber prices are very competitive.

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-Richard Singh

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We connect Continents Through Commodities and Better Iron Ore Prices

Importing & Exporting Rare Commodities

Svah Resources Inc, exports and imports most of the prime commodities for the construction and metallurgy industries. All products are well researched, tested for the best quality and certified. The products we currently deliver are: Iron ore, Iron Sand, Iron Fines, Manganese, Chromite, Lumber and Timber. For details refer to our products page

We offer competitive Iron Ore Prices.

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Are the Import Export companies affected by the global economy? Report by import export Canada.

Certainly, the answer is both yes and no. In fact, import export companies are as affected by the current trend in their own region. Some of these companies are doing extremely well; whereas, others are suffering serious decline in revenues. In some countries, import companies succeed. In others, export companies prosper. Despite this disparity, the ‘iron age’ is the only industry that stays steady. It never experiences decline, despite the fluctuations in iron ore prices. Yet, there are signs that this trend may be weakening as several of iron ore companies have been closed in China.

In particular, China iron ore prices have declined 20 % from their 2008 price. In fact, the Chinese iron ore industry has contended with unstable iron ore prices for several years. The current worldwide economic crisis is contributing to even more rapid fluctuations. Yet, the economy is not the only culprit causing this unsteadiness. Some sources close to the situation say that the Chinese have engaged in wrong negotiations. Of course, it is crucial to the import export companies to have stable iron ore prices. Yet, that can only happen if CISA (China Iron and Steel Association) works harmoniously with the international trends and negotiations.