Import Export of Iron Ore and Other Rare Commodities

  • Initial analisys

    Business assessment to allow understanding the barriers and problems of the new site.

  • Planning ahead

    Provide a recommendation plan to the overseeing agent for the Band.

  • Management and training

    Identifying solutions, developing educational and training agendas for managers and staff to be implemented during training.

Richard Singh

Consulting for perto industry

Scope of Services

  • Assess deficiencies on site by observing and interviewing staff on daily operations, customer service provided to guests, fuel pricing competitiveness, and knowledge of merchandising displays to maximize profit and increase unit sales.  
  • Identify solutions and develop learning and training plans required at managerial and service staff levels to be delivered to staff at later training dates.
  • Review management roles and responsibilities and accountability.
  • Review financials to identify losses, over-expenditures (too much overtime? Wages?), and any possibility for business growth (cutting unnecessary expenses that cut into profit).
  • Perform daily duties with the staff to train/re-train on correct procedures.  This on-site work will also allow for observation of staff knowledge, motivation (lack of), incorrect procedures, or up-selling products by asking for add on sales. Also will include cleanliness of store,  and upkeep of cleanliness for guest perception.
  • Provide a recommendation plan to the overseeing agent for the Band.  
  • If required, I am also available to recommend for termination any staffs that are detrimental to the health of the business and hire new staff.